It is said that it takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home. The Monro family exemplifies this belief in every way. Their blog at shines with the love this family has for each other. The family that will be living the container home consists of Andy (father), Sarah-Jane (mother), Jamie (son), and Pappo (Greek for Grandfather). As the name of their site suggests they live in Corfu, Greece; a beautiful island in the Ionian Sea. The view from the building site alone would be inspiration enough for any container home builder. The land was purchased by SJ’s mom and stepfather in 2003 with the original intention of building two houses. One would be for the grandparents and one for SJ and family. Life, as it always seems to do, intervened with this families plans and sadly SJ’s mom was diagnosed with cancer. She was given only three months to live, but she showed them all and fought for twelve more years! This and other circumstances put off the home building plans until about eight years ago. They discovered what the container community knows all too well, the benefits of using shipping containers instead of “typical” building materials. They began doing research, more research, and on top of that a little bit more research. This is the number one piece of advice the family gives about building a container home. Do your research because what is available in one country, might not be available in another. While they were looking into these types of homes Jamie decided to train as an engineer and welder, and the dream of building their own container home began to become a reality. SJ’s stepfather gave the land to Jamie, and Jamie saw this as an opportunity to have his own home without paying a mortgage or rent for the rest of his life. Therein began the Corfu container home journey. We will be following this family throughout their building process. There will be lots of laughter, sweat, and maybe even some tears, but we are so excited to see what is in store for the Corfu Container Quest.

Here are some photos of their progress so far.

They are using containers from Hellenic Containers. This is a photo sent to them from their business site.

They decided to start off their journey by purchasing a “trial” container to test out some of their ideas for their new home. They have lovingly named it Arnie.

The family worked long hours to clear out trees and brush to give them the perfect view of the sea.

Above is one of their first “trial” tests for their homes. They are adding their own skylights to bring in more natural light to the space and maybe some star gazing!

While they were working on Arnie they had plans drawn by A.C.E. nS. Design and Construction co. We will keep our readers updated on the progress of this home, and we cannot wait to see the final outcome!