Daniel & Caitlin Farrar live in Jenks, Oklahoma with their two German Shepherds Margo and Rita. They work as an electronic technician and customer service representative at a local bank. They like to keep their life simple by hanging around the house, spending time with friends and family, cooking together, and gardening. The Farrar’s consider happiness, hard work, and spending their life with each other the definition of success. They wanted to continue this idea into the home they would create for themselves, so they purchased some land and began looking for the best type of house for them. After considering many different options such as mobile homes, shop houses, and building their own home Caitlin stumbled upon shipping container homes. When she suggested using shipping containers due to their sturdy nature and the fact that Daniel already knew how to weld, it looked like a great option. They were worried at first of their lack of knowledge in home building, but their adventurous, we can do anything together spirit, pushed them to start this journey only three days after looking into this option.

They began their home with three 40’ containers, connected as a single level, and forming a large rectangle. They added stairs, a roof, windows, and a dainty wooden front porch with a matching door.

The Farrar’s went with an eclectic homey vibe for the decor inside the home. They love the industrial feel of leaving the containers bare on the outside, and the modern decor on the inside. When they have people over, there are always surprised reactions about how much of a lovely home it is on the inside, when it looks so different than the “typical” home from the outside.

The reclaimed wood and rustic decor are stand out features in this container home. The headboard in the bedroom and the sliding doors on the closet are perfect examples of the Farrar’s style.

This couple has created a home for themselves that reflects their lifestyle, and they are looking forward to continuing the journey with an addition of 3 more 40’ containers that will sit at a 90-degree angle to the original build. They enjoyed every part of the construction and are now confident in adding more rooms. The extra space will be used to make a larger living room area and add on a dining room for guests. They are especially looking forward to Thanksgiving so that they can host their friends and family for a container holiday get together.