After Hurricane Sandy, the city of New York was in need of a pick me up. To bring some new life to The South Street SeaPort, SG Blocks created this pop up mall from 11 shipping containers. This was part of the SEE/CHANGE summerlong event to revive the area that involved film screenings, live bands, yoga and much more.

The time frame was tight for the size this build, however SG Blocks was able to construct and deliver this project within five weeks! Take a look below at the photos of what it took to take those 11 containers and turn them into a mall.

First they start with a blank container canvas.

They prep the container and the insulation.

Then they cut the sides, the space for the windows, and began to build framework for the walls.

After framing they prepped the wiring and electrical.
After all the prep they load the containers up in sections to be transported.

They made sure they packed the essentials, such as the Pyro-Guard plywood needed for the walls.

Once everything is loaded and accounted for; they head off to the seaport.

Once they arrive the assembly begins.

Using cranes they slide the containers into their allotted spaces.

Then they begin to stack them according to the blueprints.

They connect them using the corner castings on the shipping containers.
They continue this process until all of the shipping containers are in place and secured. Finally they finish the interior walls, electrical, decorating, and the container mall is ready for customers!

Constructed by SG Blocks.
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Quantity of Containers quantity of 9 x 40’ HC , 1 x 20’ Dry, and 1 x 20’ Reefer (Refrigerated Container turned into a Keg Cooler)