It can be difficult to figure out how to simplify or downsize, your life. Silvana Citterio’s passion for simplification allowed her to use this smaller space to its full advantage! We wanted to share her concept with our readers so that they can make an educated decision when trying to create a fun yet minimalistic space. This mini loft is a beautiful and efficient way to be able to live in a smaller space, tiny home, or a small container home, without losing what you really need to live. A large part of the container home community strives to simplify their lives, use what they have efficiently, and reuse materials so that part of our focus remains on taking care of the world around them. Citterio has taken a small loft in Milan and created the perfect tiny space.

The tiny flat is located in an old-style central district with small shops, romantic restaurants, monuments, and symbols of centuries past. The building was constructed around 1900, and Citterio renovated the flat in 2010. She used it as a base during the work week, and she would escape back to her house in the hills on the weekends. The idea for the miniloft arose when size limitations of the flat was making it difficult for her to have all of the necessities of a home.

The photo above shows the narrow length of the flat. Her solution was a footboard, about three feet above ground, where all the features and amenities of the house were incorporated. This allowed for a linear and consistent solution.

The kitchen is located under the walkable floor, that extends to the back of the wall that includes the dining area and the sofa bed.

The use of the kitchen is immediately made available by the opening of two doors that conceal a kitchen without hanging cabinets but complete with all amenities including a dishwasher, fridge, oven, induction cooktop, and various drawers and dispensers to hold food and accessories.

To add more space, drawers were made in the staircase structure that allows you to climb on the platform, providing an efficient use of the lateral space that was created.

The bed, which also functions as a sofa, is located on the top of the compartment space that holds the wardrobe.

Below the walk on loft there is a wardrobe accessible by a walkthrough on the floor of the dining area through a folding ladder inside it.

On the opposite side of the raised platform is a dining room with a table, chairs, and a large mirror to distribute light, making the space seem more open.

The mini loft provides the kitchen, dining room, closet, bed, and sofa. The only room left is the bathroom for this tiny flat. The bathroom was built in the existing shower compartment. She incorporated a toilet, bidet, washbasin, a large wardrobe and a practical niche in the back of the sanitary cabinet.

There is also a large glass door in the flat that brings in abundant light to brighten the space. It is adorned with a luxuriant hanging garden that overlooks a courtyard representative of Citterio’s old beloved Milan.