You have heard the story many times before. A family wants to build their dream home, but it takes time, money, permits, a lot of work, and a place to stay while it is being constructed. A young daughter in New Zealand was faced with this dilemma, and with help from her father, decided to build an off-grid tiny home while her new home was built. This build also served as a test subject for her future container endeavors, the establishment of IQ Container Homes Ltd. The home is 162 ft squared with 12v wiring, that is derived from the solar panels and batteries located on the porch. This is also where the fuses, solar inverter controller and water pump are stored. Water drains from the roof into two tanks, hot water is heated by an instantaneous gas Califont, and then distributed throughout the home. They decided on the size of the home based on what would not need consent from local legislation.

The living room is located on a mezzanine floor above the bedroom and can be reached by the stairs, which house extra storage. It has a couch that can be converted into a double bed with storage, TV/DVD player, and large windows that provide natural ventilation.

The kitchen contains high gloss cabinetry, sink, and a turquoise acrylic splashback. There are local restrictions on cooking facilities so there is an outdoor BBQ setup.

The bathroom is accessed from the covered porch. It appears to be a shed from the outside, however, when you walk in the clear light roofing allows for an abundance of natural light. The roof also brings nature to you, with a view of the trees and birdlife flying overhead.

Design company: IQ Container Homes Ltd